The Pharoahs Car Club was founded in 1948, and is celebrating it's 75th anniversary in 2023.  With chapters located throughout the USA, and abroad, the reach of the club is truly a global celebration of cool cars.  The Pharoahs started in Modesto, CA, where the story of the movie American Grafitti is set.

The younger kids in Modesto formed the fraternity called The Faros in 1957.  They were too  young to be in the adult car club, which was made up mostly of WW2 & Korean War veterans called The Pharoahs.  The Faros were the group George Lucas wrote about in the movie.  They were his classmates.  Both clubs trace their history back to Modesto, with The Pharoahs going back years prior to The Faros.

Because of copyright matters, the movie used a different spelling, altogether.

The Pharoahs has chapters throughout the US and abroad.  Usually with one mother chapter per state, and several sub-chapters.

The Pharoahs is all about:
No power struggles
No infighting
No control seekers
No elections

Membership is available to anyone with a qualifying vehicle (pre-1975 for the original group, and 1975-1988 for second generation), for a one time $75.00 membership fee.  There are no annual dues.  Membership will give you the right to purchase Pharoah's gear (T-shirts, jackets, hats, and more).  These items are not available to non-members.  You will also receive a starter kit of gear when you pay your membership.  This kit includes a drag plaque (plate topper for second generation), window stickers, and other logo'd swag,  based on what is currently going out.

Officers.  Officers in a chapter are who keep the chapter going, organizing events, updating social media, keeping up with memberships, and generally making sure the trains all run on time.  There are no "extra" perks for being an officer, but you should acknowledge the officers in your club who keep in all going.  They are also your first line of contact if you have a club related problem.

If you are intersted in joining the club, just come out to one of our cruise-in events.  Even if you're not interested in joining at this time, come out and cruise with us and get to know us!! The cruise-ins are not shows, they are just social gatherings that allow people of similar interests to gather and chat amongs ourselves, and meet new people.